Agent Hunter is a database of all UK literary agents, their agencies and publishers. The database is regularly updated, continually fact-checked, and as comprehensive as we can make it. You can sort the entries on our database to develop your own personal shortlist of agents.


Who is behind Agent Hunter?

Agent Hunter is the creation of The Writers' Workshop, the UK's largest editorial consultancy for new writers. The Writers' Workshop has superb contacts with literary agents and is constantly helping its writers secure representation and book deals. They also run the Festival of Writing in York, where you can pitch your work direct to agents and editors, learn what they're looking for and get their feedback on your manuscript. Each year they invite agents actively looking for new clients.

 The Writers' Workshop was created by Harry Bingham, a best-selling crime novelist. His work has sold in dozens of countries worldwide and is being adapted for TV. Harry knows how essential a good agent is to the success of his career.


What are your subscription terms?

We offer a range of options. Packages include:

You can get the full range of subscription options here. If you want to get started then either register now, or (if you've already registered) you can subscribe right here, right now.


Do you guarantee that Agent Hunter is 100% complete and correct?

No. We do try very hard to stay comprehensive and up to date, but mistakes will creep through. If you spot any omission or error, please let us know. We check/update every entry at least annually, but the key entries are updated more often than that.


Where do you get your data?

We get our data from agents' websites, published directories, the Bookseller magazine, the Association of Authors' Agents, the Publishers' Association, other public sources of data, our own contacts, and from agents themselves. If there is scarce information available on a particular agent, that's not because we've been lazy: it's because the agent has chosen not to supply the information. We've contacted every agent and every agency, in most cases more than once.


Further advice

Please check our Search Tips for brief additional help, or pop over to the Writers' Workshop for more comprehensive advice pages. Alternatively, we recommend Getting Published and How To Write, both by Harry Bingham, as essential guides to these complex subjects. Or view some sample searches here.