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PFD was once the largest literary agency in the UK and, as a result, it looks after the literary estates of a large number of now deceased authors. Camilla is in charge of managing those estates and we believe that she does not take on any new authors in her own right – or, at any rate, no living authors. While she does have a few living authors, such as Graham Masterton, it is not clear if she is actively looking for any.

Writers wanting to be represented by PFD should consider the firm’s other agents. For more details, click on the “Literary Agency” tab above and explore the other agents listed there.

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PFD The Peters Fraser and Dunlop Group
Agent since:
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Camilla runs the Estates and Backlist titles and represents the wonderful material which our Estates and backlist authors have written. She is involved in selling rights to bring these great classic authors back into the public consciousness. Before joining PFD Camilla worked for Random House, Chorion PLC and Classic Media where she sold publishing, TV and licensing rights.

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List largely complete
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It's not entirely clear from the PFD website if Camilla is actively taking on new clients. She's described as an agent, but we believe that her activity is exclusively on behalf of estates. So we suggest approaching Camilla only if you are on the point of expiring.
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Jane Aiken Hodge, Margery Allingham, Martin Armstrong, John B. Sanford, Nora Barlow, Clifford Bax, George Bellairs, Marcel Boulestin, Ann Bridge, W. Bridges Adams, Colin Clark, Ivy Compton-Burnett, Lettice Cooper, John Creasey, Edmund Crispin, C. Day Lewis/Nicholas Blake, Mazo de la Roche, Monica Dickens, Gabriel Fielding, E. M. Forster, Nicolas Freeling, Leonard Gribble, Michael Halperin, Georgina Howell, R.C. Hutchinson, Hammond Innes, Margaret Irwin, Robin Jenkins, Josephine Johnson, Beryl Kingston, Arthur Koestler, Eric Linklater, H. M. Tomlinson, Denis Mackail, Alistair Mair, Anthony Masters, Graham Masterton, Frank O'Connor, Raymond Postgate, Bernice Rubens, Jean Saunders, Georges Simenon, Edith Sitwell, Catherine Storr, Marie Vassiltchikov, Rebecca West, Dennis Wheatley
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Agents of: PFD The Peters Fraser and Dunlop Group

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34-43 Russell Street, London, WC2B 5HA
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020 7344 1000
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Standard (Letter + Synopsis + First three chapters)
Further submission info:
Please submit the first three chapters of your book in hard copy with a synopsis of the whole and a very brief CV about your writing career. Double spacing and one side only. Please be aware that we don't acknowledge receipt of submissions. We'd rather spend our time reading them. Also it's important that you include a stamped, self addressed envelope so that we can respond to you. If you want us to return your manuscript, make sure the postage is enough to cover the return.
More info on this agency:
Peters Fraser & Dunlop is one of the longest-established literary and talent agencies in London. We are proud to represent authors, journalists, broadcasters, speakers and estates with specialist expertise in the fields of literature, film, television and radio, public speaking, digital platforms and journalism.
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8 days
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