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After setting up the Bath Kids Lit Fest with her husband John, Gill found herself working more closely with authors than she had in the previous two decades of her career working in publishing. Realising she could be helpful to authors, she decided to move into agenting, setting up the Bath Literary Agency. Gill's passion lies in children's literature, and as such, the agency focuses entirely on children's authors and illustrators.

Within children's writing, Gill is very open. She is interested in both fiction and non-fiction, from picture books to young adult. Outside of the obvious quality aspects, Gill wants to find writers who are as equally passionate about children's books as she is. 

Going hand in hand with passion, Gill wants to see writers being bold, taking risks and doing something new. She encourages writers to dream big and dare to be different. Part of hooking the reader is to give them something they've never seen before (even if they are new to reading! Make yourself stand out from the crowd!). And make sure to get that hook in nice and early, readers – especially young readers – need a good reason to keep reading. 

When submitting your work to Gill, make sure you read her submission guidelines carefully. Take time with your submission – you only get one chance at a first impression. Make sure you haven't got any typos or silly errors in it. 

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Bath Literary Agency
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Short biography:

After graduating with a Publishing and Marketing degree from Oxford Brookes University in 1996, Gill has worked in the world of childrens’ publishing ever since.

Working with small independent publishers, Barefoot Books, to large global publishers, Egmont, Gill has a huge amount of industry knowledge.

From product development to co-ordinating marketing campaigns with UK retailers, Gill’s experience offers an understanding of all the different roles and sectors within the world of children’s books that together take author’s stories from idea to reader.

Client list status:
Keen to build client list
Genres this agent is interested in:
Young adult fiction, Children's picture books, Children's fiction, Children's & YA non-fiction
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How to make a submission:
Agency Standard
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Sophie Banks, Fox Benwell, Darren Dubicki, Jess French, Nell Giffford, Jimmy Griggs, Tracy Hager, Harry Heape, Michelle Howes, Laura James, John McLay, Sheila Rance, Ros Roberts, Keilly Swift, Christopher Wakling, Kathryn White
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Agents of: Bath Literary Agency

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About the agency:
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Address for submissions:
Gill McLay Bath Literary Agency 5 Gloucester Road Bath BA1 7BH
Office address:
Gill McLay Submissions Bath Literary Agency 5 Gloucester Road Bath BA1 7BH
Email address:
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No data
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Accepts email submissions:
Submission type:
Standard (Letter + Synopsis + First three chapters)
Further submission info:
We are accepting submissions from authors and illustrators of childrens books. Fiction and non-fiction, from picture book through to Young Adult books. If you would like to send us a sample of your work, please send: A synopsis of your work For fiction: the first 3 chapters (excluding any prologues) For picture books: the full manuscript A covering letter giving your full contact details and further information on your background. Please ensure you include your email address. A stamped self addressed envelope. Material will not be returned if one is not included. If you only have a postal address and no email. We are unable to send you a reply unless you include a SAE for our response. These should be posted to: Gill McLay Submissions Bath Literary Agency 5 Gloucester Road Bath BA1 7BH For all general enquiries about the agency and this process please contact:
More info on this agency:
The Bath Literary Agency offers authors the opportunity to work in partnership with their agent and aims to help them to become industry and market aware and ready for their future as a published author. The Bath Literary Agency was set up by Gill and John and is run by Gill McLay.
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0 days
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No data
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