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While the Geraldine Cooke Literary Agency does represent authors as a traditional agency, they tend to push their editorial services more than their literary representation. It is also unclear whether Janice is an agent or simply supports Geraldine and Stephen Davies with editorial work. A trained copyeditor and proofreader, Janice has many years of industry experience under her belt. Working with her to edit and polish your manuscript, you will be in safe hands. 

Given the size of the agency and the lack of details around the kinds of manuscripts and subject matter that interest Janice (or the agency as a whole), we suggest you approach the Geraldine Cooke Literary Agency with more of an interest in editorial services than authorial representation.

If you have any further details on Janice or the agency, please let Agent Hunter know.

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Geraldine Cooke Literary Agency
Agent since:
Short biography:
Janice Brent has extensive editorial experience in both fiction and non-fiction. She has worked for several imprints at Penguin: Puffin Books (under Kaye Webb), Viking, and Arkana (the mind/body/spirit list, which she ran as assistant editor). More recently, she worked on the Review imprint at Headline Publishng with Geraldine Cooke. For some years she was on the reading panel for Reader's Digest Condensed Books. A qualified copy editor and proof reader, Janice now works as a freelance for publishers including Headline and Vagabond Voices.
Client list status:
Open to new clients
Genres this agent is interested in:
Travel, Science, Politics, society & current affairs, Other non-fiction, Religion, Mind, Body, Spirit, Memoir and autobiography, Food and Cookery, History, Women's fiction, Historical fiction, Genre romance, Crime, thriller, action, General Fiction, Literary Fiction
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Agency's full client list: Alan Monaghan, Billy Keane, Clive Aslet, Dilys Rose, Graeme Aitken, Harry Acton, Karola Gajda, Manini Nayar, Mike Hobbs, Snorri Kristjansson
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Agents of: Geraldine Cooke Literary Agency

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Standard (Letter + Synopsis + First three chapters)
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Along with most literary agents: If a book has real value, but needs editing - even heavy editing - we can provide it. When it is ready to be shown to publishers, we can organise and advise on that. If it finds a publisher, we can, like any other agency, negotiate a contract for it. If a book cannot find a regular publisher, we can help you to self publish. Why are we different? If we can share an author's commitment to a book we enjoy the excitement of accompanying them on the whole journey from manuscript to the finished book. That is our job and our pleasure.
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0 days
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