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Profile Summary

In January 2017, Mushens left her role at the Agency Group to start the Caskie Mushens Ltd Agency with Robert Caskie. Before this move, Juliet ran the London literary office of the Agency Group Ltd, a global talent agency with over 2000 creatives on its books. Juliet is an up and coming agent (she was a Bookseller nominated Rising Star of 2012) who has a rapidly growing list of commercially successful fiction authors. Her clients include crime fiction and e-book success story, James Oswald (‘Natural Causes’, ‘Book of Souls’) and Sunday Times Best Seller, Jessie Burton (The Miniaturist).

She is a prolific tweeter (@mushenska) and has given a number of useful interviews which detail her literary likes and dislikes in impressive detail (well worth a browse - see interesting links below).  We’ve summarised some of the more salient points here:

  • She followed a traditional path into agenting and has moved up the ranks rapidly: degree from Cambridge; a stint in publishing (Harper Collins); promoted to the role of agent in 2011 at prestigious literary agency PFD
  • Has eclectic tastes – favourite books include: Riders (Jilly Cooper), Assassins Apprentice (Robin Hobb), Lolita (Nabokov), Vernon God Little (DBC Pierre), Fingersmith (Sarah Waters), and Stasiland (Anna Funder)
  • A fan of unreliable narrators, historical settings, believable female characters and black humour
  • She has a weird and wonderful list of other interests which includes: feminism, history, lindy-hop, food, twins, sharks, child killers, psychiatric hospitals, unreliable narrators, the Victorian era, unresolved sexual tension, haunted houses and cases of mistaken identity.  Check out our guide to the Ultimate Julilet Mushens' novel on the blog
  • In a relatively recent interview, she said she was on the lookout for a serial killer thriller, a ghost story, historical crime, non-Western fantasy. However, she also likes to be surprised and welcomes the unexpected in the submissions inbox
  • Note, she no longer handles non-fiction and doesn’t represent picture books for new clients, or fiction for children younger than 9+ years
  • If you’re planning to submit to Juliet, she expects you to have done your research and know why you want to be represented by her

Detailed data

Caskie Mushens Ltd
Agent since:
Short biography:

Juliet Mushens works in the UK books division of UTA (formerly The Agency Group). Previously, she was an Agent in the Books Division of PFD. Before becoming a literary agent, Juliet worked in fiction marketing and editorial at HarperCollins, after reading history at Cambridge. She has a fantastic twitter presence which is definitely worth a look for funny memes, photos of her every day life and book related musings. Recent Deals: HOLD BACK THE STARS, love story set in space, by debut Katie Khan to Transworld at auction, and in 19 other countries around the world. GOOD ME BAD ME by Ali Land, thriller debut narrated by the teenage daughter of a serial killer, to Penguin in a six-figure pre-empt and in 19 other countries around the world. THE UNSEEING, by Anna Mazzola, historical crime debut, to Headline at auction. Big authors include Jessie Burton (THE MINIATURIST) and James Oswald (Inspector McLean series, over half a million copies sold).

Client list status:
Open to new clients
Genres this agent is interested in:
Young adult fiction, Women's fiction, Science fiction, Paranormal romance, Historical fiction, Fantasy, Crime, thriller, action, General Fiction, Literary Fiction
Authors & books liked:

About specific wish-lists, Juliet says, "I love unreliable narrators, believable women, snappy dialogue, historical settings, things that make me cry, black humour, a high-concept hook: all sorts. Amongst my favourite books are THE BOOK OF NIGHT WOMEN by Marlon James, FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell, POPPET by Mo Hayder, THE CRIMSON PETAL AND THE WHITE by Michel Faber, ONLY EVER YOURS by Louise O'Neill, JURASSIC PARK by Michael Crichton, all sorts really." Juliet also, says, "I'd love to find a serial killer thriller, a ghost story, historical crime, non-Western fantasy and everything in between. Often the things I sign are really unexpected though," and she emphasises that if you're not writing in one of her (few) excluded categories (see below), you should certainly submit your work to her, as she expects to be (and would love to be) surprised by her next acquisition. Last three books I signed were: literary coming-of-age fiction set in Nigeria, near-future thriller, psychological thriller. A broad range!

Other loves & passions:

"I like pop culture, clothes, funny people, feminism, history, the sound of my own voice, lindy-hop, food, and people." She also has a love of twins, sharks, child killers, psychiatric hospitals, unreliable narrators, the Victorian era, very black humour, unresolved sexual tension, haunted houses and cases of mistaken identity. That might sound like a joke, but it really isn't: she represents at least 5 novels involving twins, for example. See more on the Ulimate Julilet Mushens Novel on our blog, link below. Finally, Juliet is one of the most open and lively agents on the scene and you should certainly check out all the links below, as she's very forthcoming in blogs and interviews. LIkewise, she's a Twitterholic and is one of the most dependable voices on #askagent, so if you do Twitter yourself, you should certainly check out her stream. Finally, we note that Juliet represents formerly self-pub crime author, James Oswald. That indicates that Juliet is very open to helping writers with very strong self-publishing records turn mainstream.

How to make a submission:
Standard agency submission
Other advice and background:

Juliet is reported as saying, "I won't represent diet books, picture books for new clients, or fiction for younger than 9+, but anything else I'll take a look at." Do note however that she no longer represents any form of non-fiction, so don't take that quote as being 100% true any longer (and we have adjusted our genre profiles accordingly. In fiction, Juliet says, "I struggle with spy novels, historical fiction which is very boysy (eg Sharpe), and fantasy/history books with weak female characters and/or rape. Research me - spell my name right, send me things I love, tell me why you've picked me. Please don't call me to chase, wait patiently and send a polite chaser email in time." She is also quoted as saying, "Then, look for the right agent at each agency. If you've written a middle-grade adventure there's no point sending it to an agent who specialises in crime/thrillers. Similarly, an agent with a big, established list is unlikely to take on many clients a year, so perhaps best to identify someone at that agency who is still actively looking for clients. Identifying the right person to target, and addressing your submission to them, already gets your book off to the right start. If the agent asks for the first three chapters and a synopsis, send them the first three chapters and the synopsis. If the agent requests ten pages of sample material, send them ten pages of sample material. I lose count of the number of submissions I receive where people send me the wrong information, or tell me that they actively ignored my guidelines as they felt they 'wouldn't do their book justice.' Immediately this puts them at a disadvantage to the other writers who send me the right material. Also, "When you look at something time and time again, it can be incredibly easy for mistakes to slip through the cracks. We've all done it. An omission which is glaring to someone else can escape the writer who has studied the page so many times! I understand that mistakes do happen, but it's a good idea to get someone to look at it with fresh eyes for you. When you send me your book, make sure that the cover letter focuses on the book. Tell me a bit about it, the genre, the word count, give me a blurb, and then a couple of lines about yourself. A lot of cover letters or queries leave me none the wiser as to what the book is actually about, which isn't very helpful. Often they focus on the marketing plan, or its potential as a blockbuster film, or the author's blog. The best letters pique my interest and make me eager to turn the page to read the sample chapters"

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Ali Land, Amy Alward, Anna Mazzola, Christopher Radmann, Claire Douglas, Debbie Howells, Den Patrick, Dr. Philip Roscoe, Francesca Haig, Guy Browning, J.D. Oswald, James Oswald, Jennifer Williams, Jessie Burton, Jo Monroe, Joanna Barnard, Katie Khan, Laura Lam, Liz de Jager, Liz Tipping, Louise Morgan, Maggie Harcourt, Maria Farrer, Mary Chamberlain, Niel Bushnell, Peter Newman, Rob Temple (Very British Problems), Ross Armstrong, Sarah Day, Stevan Mena, Tom Winter
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Agents of: Caskie Mushens Ltd

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Standard (Letter + Synopsis + First three chapters)
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More info on this agency:
Caskie Mushens is a literary agency founded by Robert Caskie and Juliet Mushens. Their diverse list of clients spans New York Times bestsellers, Sunday Times bestsellers, columnists, actors and brands. They are actively seeking new writers.
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