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After running the Scottish Book Trust with business partner Lindsey Fraser for 11 years, Kathryn and Lindsey stepped down to set up a literary agency and consultancy, Fraser Ross Associates. Their focus is primarily on children's publishing, as reflected in their running of The Pushkin Prizes as well as helping the BBC set up the Blue Peter Book Awards. The agency represents both writers and illustrators.

The official website for Frase Ross Associates does not contain any specific information on what kind of manuscripts the agents are looking for or which clients belong to each agent. However, a close look at the list of authors will give you a strong idea of the kinds of stories that interest them. Kathryn and Lindsey, proud of where they come from, also have a strong focus on Scottish writers.

A large part of the list is built on children's picture books, especially those that have a good sense of humour. Throughout their website, including their client descriptions and blog posts, a great sense of humour is a running theme. Several of their authors have been shortlisted for prestigious children's book prizes such as the Carnegie Medal. Their strong connections within the industry have secured some of their authors, such as Karen Saunders, to work on existing franchises such as Disney's High School Musical and Hot Wheels.

Non-fiction, when focused on children's literature or illustrations, is also within their wheelhouse. For instance, the agency represents Fraser MacLean, author of Setting the Scene: The Art and Evolution of Animation Layout. While children's literature is their primary interest, the pair also represent a handful of adult and young adult novelists.

Given Kathryn's background in supporting writers, she is eager to help writers put themselves forward in the best possible light. As a result, the agency's website contains a significant amount of information about submitting to agents, the publishing process, and recommended resources for writers who are just starting out.

Detailed data

Fraser Ross Associates
Agent since:
Short biography:
Kathryn Ross ran Scottish Book Trust with Lindsey Fraser from 1991 until 2002 before starting Fraser Ross Associates Literary Agency and Consultancy. Over the years, they have been on the judging panel for the Nestle Smarties, Whitbread and Fidler literary prizes and have attended and addressed conferences on literature and readership development throughout the UK, in the USA and Canada, in Ghana, France, Germany and Russia. In addition to the literary agency, Kathryn and Lindsey are the National Co-ordinators of the Scottish Executive's 'Read Together' initiative. They also administer the Blue Peter Book Awards on behalf of the BBC. Kathryn has reviewed children's books widely, both nationally and for the Scottish press, and has edited anthologies for children. She was also the manager of Heffers Children's Bookshop in Cambridge.
Client list status:
Open to new clients
Genres this agent is interested in:
Children's picture books, Children's fiction, Young adult fiction, Children's & YA non-fiction, Memoir and autobiography, Other non-fiction, General Fiction
Authors & books liked:
C. S. Lewis's Narnia series. Fraser Ross Associates represents mainly, but not exclusively, writers and illustrators for children.
Other loves & passions:
No Data
How to make a submission:
Agency standard submission.
Other advice and background:
No Data
Attends Festival of Writing or other WW events?
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Interesting links:
Full agency client list: Sorrel Anderson, Gill Arbuthnott, Tim Archbold, Alice Balfour, Jason Beresford, Erica Blaney, Thomas Bloor, Ella Burfoot, Emma Crabbe, John Cresswell, Judy Cumberbatch, Fiona Cummings, Vanessa Dawson, Robert Dodds, Lari Don, Nicole Dryburgh, Jane Eagland, Richard Edwards, Teresa Flavin, Anne Forbes, Margaret Forrester, Vivian French, Joe Friedman, Roy Gill, Lesley Glaister, Gemma Green, Gus Grenfell, Edward Hardy, Chris Higgins, Barry Hutchison, Julie Irwin, Charlie James, Cate James, Graham Jones, Damian Kelleher, Ann Kelley, Tanya Landman, Joan Lennon, Joan Lingard, Janice Mackay, Liz MacWhirter, Fraser MacLean, Jack McLean, Mike Maroney, John Newman, Judy Paterson, Helena Pielichaty, Sue Purkiss, Lynne Rickards, Jamie Rix, Sarah Rubin, Karen Saunders, Daniela Sacerdoti, Robert Sproul-Cran, Dugald Steer, Linda Strachan, Chae Strathie, Rosie Wallace, Adrian Wisniewski, Matilda Webb
Full client list:
Email address:

Agents of: Fraser Ross Associates

Agency details

About the agency:
We want our writers and illustrators to feel supported, not only in the business side of their careers, but also in their ideas and writing plans. Every one of our clients has different needs; we aim to offer solutions based on guidance and information gleaned through a wide network of contacts throughout the book industry.
Address for submissions:
Fraser Ross Associates, 6 Wellington Place, Edinburgh EH6 7EQ
Office address:
No data
Email address:
Phone number:
0131 657 4412
Number of agents:
Accepts email submissions:
Submission type:
Other - see details
Further submission info:
All work should be sent hard copy, one side, double-spaced and with pages numbered. We do not accept email submissions or submissions on disk. For novels, please send the first three chapters (or equivalent). Word count of the complete novel (or equivalent). Synopsis of novel (Please note - we need a synopsis, not a blurb.) For picture books, please send the complete manuscript. If you are the illustrator, please include 2 or 3 sample copies of your artwork - colour and black and white - plus a rough storyboard/thumbnail sketches of the complete story, or, if you prefer, a dummy rough of the proposed book. A writing cv including past publications, publishers approached and results, and your writing ambitions. If you wish your manuscript returned, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope. We cannot return manuscripts to writers living overseas. Full contact details.
More info on this agency:
No data
Average response time:
8 days
Agency Transparency Index:
Member of the AAA:
Overseas offices:
No data
Accepts overseas writers:
Follow on Twitter:
Latest news:
No data
More about the agency:
We want our writers and illustrators to feel supported, not only in the business side of their careers, but also in their ideas and writing plans. Every one of our clients has different needs; we aim to offer solutions based on guidance and information gleaned through a wide network of contacts throughout the book industry.

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