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Profile Summary

Marianne Gunn O'Connor is the Irish literary super agent behind high profile authors like Cecelia Ahern, Pat McCabe, Sinead Moriarty and Kathleen McMahon.  It’s difficult to give you much more information as, in contrast to her famous clients, Gunn O’Connor keeps a low public profile.  She rarely gives interviews and doesn’t engage with social media.  Our researchers can offer two nuggets of personal information:  She is a keen Manchester United fan, and, prior to establishing her literary agency in 1996, ran a boutique shop. 

Her agency doesn’t have a website or an official client list.  It is also unclear if Gunn O’Connor runs a solo operation or heads up a team of agents.  From the information that can be gleaned online, it seems that Gunn O’Connor is mainly interested in women’s commercial fiction; specifically, romance, comedy and chick lit.  Unfortunately, we are unable to elaborate on the ‘genre selection’ as the firm has been unwilling to provide any further detail. 

The global success of writers like Cecelia Ahern and Sinead Moriarty suggests that Gunn O’Connor is an agent at the top of her game and we think it is unlikely that she is actively building her list.  In a rare interview with, Gunn O’Connor says she receives over 1500 manuscripts a year.  However, few new writers make it onto the agency’s books ‘Some years there’s none. Other years I might take on two or three’.

If you are seeking to impress this agency your writing must demonstrate a high degree of originality, as Gunn O’Connor comments, 'Great writers seem to weave magic spells and seduce you with their language; their work transports you to another place. That's the sort of writer that stands out’.  A final word of warning to any writer approaching Gunn O’Connor; avoid meandering narratives: ‘We don’t have time to sit there and engage for sixty or seventy pages with nothing happening. Readers need to be entertained, the writer now has to capture the reader’s attention from the first page’.  If anyone reading this profile is able to supply further information about this agency please do get in touch with a member of our team via the contact details on our site!

Detailed data

Marianne Gunn OConnor Literary Agency
Agent since:
Short biography:

Marianne Gunn O'Connor is the literary agent behind best selling authors like Pat McCabe and Cecelia Ahern. Gunn O'Connor describes her role as being a "matchmaker", ensuring that her authors are published by the right company so that "magic" can happen.

Client list status:
Open to new clients
Genres this agent is interested in:
Children's fiction, Young adult fiction, Children's & YA non-fiction, Memoir and autobiography, Women's fiction, General Fiction, Crime, thriller, action, Erotica, Fantasy, Genre romance, Historical fiction, Literary Fiction
Authors & books liked:
No Data
Other loves & passions:
No Data
How to make a submission:
Send preliminary letter plus half-page synopsis and first 50pp.Morrison Chambers, Ste. 17, 32 Nassau Street, Ireland
Other advice and background:

She says her 'yardstick' for selecting a manuscript is simple - she wants to be 'blown away' by it, and to be moved. "Something that makes my heart sing. Something that I am excited about. Something that I can say, in this deep recession: 'This is worth buying. This is something I want to bring out into the world.' Something that is utterly extraordinary. That is what I look for," she reiterates. Marianne once commented: 'Writing is a vocation and a gift. Great writers seem to weave magic spells and seduce you with their language; their work transports you to another place. That's the sort of writer that stands out, that I would pluck from the slush pile."

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The agency does not publish a client list but their writers include high profile authors like Cecilia Ahern, Claudia Carroll, Sinead Moriarty, Kathleen McMahon.
Full client list:
No Data
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Agents of: Marianne Gunn OConnor Literary Agency

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About the agency:
Founded 1996.
Address for submissions:
No data
Office address:
Morrisson Chambers, Suite 17, 32 Nassau Street, Dublin 2
Email address:
Phone number:
No data
Number of agents:
Accepts email submissions:
Submission type:
Other - see details
Further submission info:
Send preliminary letter plus half-page synopsis and first 50 pages.
More info on this agency:
No data
Average response time:
8 days
Agency Transparency Index:
Member of the AAA:
Overseas offices:
No data
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No data
More about the agency:
Founded 1996.

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