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Profile Summary

Paul Feldstein is the co-founder of the Feldstein agency which also offers publishing and editorial consultancy services.  He works alongside his wife, Susan Feldstein, and specialises in client management, sales and marketing, and finance and distribution.   Prior to setting up his own company he was Managing Director of Trafalgar Square, the leading U.S. distributor of U.K. publishers.  He also set up and ran Trafalgar’s illustrated publishing imprint.

•Paul is interested in commercial fiction.  He likes crime fiction and his favourite books include A Secret Place (Tana French), The Charlie Parker novels (John Connolly) and the Harry Bosch series (Michael Connolly). Agency clients include up and coming crime writer Anthony J Quinn (Disappeared and Border Angels)

•He is not a historical and literary fiction fan and this kind of material should be directed to his business partner, Susan Feldstein.  

•His partner also handles the following selection of non-fiction genres: Irish interest, history, memoir, and MBS

•Please do not submit sci-fi, horror, fantasy, paranormal, Young Adult, and dystopian or erotic fiction.  The agency will not consider it

•Authors who have self published are considered but they need to demonstrate sales figures running to ‘tens of thousands’ to be taken on.

•Paul is building his list but he only takes on 3-5 new clients a year.  A good submission letter is essential and should convey ‘the narrative drive of their work, the essence of the story, and why [you] wrote it’

•Social media and a web presence is not a priority for this agent

•Alongside agenting, he also acts NOOK UK’s consultant book merchandiser.

•Fun fact: W. B Yeats inspired his interest in literature and convinced him to major in literature at University

Detailed data

The Feldstein Agency
Agent since:
Short biography:

Paul Feldstein has over 35 years of experience in the publishing industry. Prior to founding the Feldstein Agency with his wife Susan, he was Managing Director of Trafalgar Square, the leading U.S. distributor of U.K. publishers, until the company was sold in 2006 to IPG.

In addition to running the distribution company, he started and ran Trafalgar's own very successful illustrated publishing imprint. He began his 20 years at Trafalgar as Sales & Marketing Director, a role he retained as Managing Director. During his tenure, sales increased ten fold, distribution clients grew from ten to fifty, and Trafalgar's reputation on both sides of the Atlantic was second to none.

Paul began his publishing career at Marboro Books in New York as a bookseller, moving on to Direction of Operations & Finance at Abbeville Press. In 1986, he relocated to Vermont to join Trafalgar Square. He has a degree in English and American literature from Suny Purchase. He moved to Northern Ireland with his wife Susan in 2007. Paul has extensive contacts and experience on both sides of the Atlantic, and his reputation for responsiveness, efficiency, professionalism and results is unparalleled.

In addition to his agenting work, he is currently consulting for NOOK UK as their UK books merchandiser.

Client list status:
Keen to build client list
Genres this agent is interested in:
Travel, Science, Politics, society & current affairs, Other non-fiction, Religion, Mind, Body, Spirit, Memoir and autobiography, Food and Cookery, History, Women's fiction, Science fiction, Horror, Historical fiction, Crime, thriller, action, General Fiction, Literary Fiction
Authors & books liked:
No Data
Other loves & passions:
No Data
How to make a submission:
Agency Standard
Other advice and background:

An Interview with Paul Feldstein

Q. What books/authors do you love in commercial fiction? (Crime, women’s) Give us some examples and say why you liked these books/authors.

Crime Fiction: A Secret Place Tana French Charlie Parker series from John Connolly Harry Bosch series from Michael Connelly Anything by Dennis Lehane Great plotting, characters, unique, writing that transcends the genre

Q. What books/authors do you love in literary/historical/book group fiction? Examples and reasons, please!

More for my partner Susan Feldstein than me

Q. How about sci-fi/horror/fantasy/paranormal/YA dystopian/erotic? What would you be interested in, and what’s a big no?

Not a personal interest and we do not handle as an agency

Q. On the non-fiction side, are there particular areas that interest you? Does your non-fiction list have a particular slant to it?

Read primarily fiction, but as an agent Irish interest, history, memoir, light MBS, all primarily agented by my partner Susan

Q. And are there any areas of zero interest to you in non-fiction? What would you NOT want to see?


Q. Is there anything in particular you’d love to see at the moment? Crime fiction, literary fiction, MBS

Q. What’s your biggest turn-off in a covering letter? What would you really hope to see?

Boasting, chatty, trying to be clever. Keep it brief and simple.

Q. What are your biggest peeves in an opening page or opening chapter? And what do you love to see?

Typos, poor grammar, sloppy writing etc

Q. Do you have any unpredictable loves?


Q. Would you take on an author who had self-published? What kind of self-pub sales would make you sit up?

Hesitantly, but yes, would have to be tens of thousands

Q. What single piece of advice would you most want to give writers?

Write for yourself first and foremost, rather than for an audience or for commercial reasons

Q. How many submissions do you see annually? And how many of those submissions will end up on your list?

Approximately 1000 submissions, 3-5 a year taken on

Q. Do you look for social media and online presence? Do you care?

No and no…

Q. When people are pitching the concept for a book to you, what do you find is the most common failing?

Not conveying the narrative drive of their work, the essence of the story, and why they wrote it

Q: Which 3 famous people (alive or deceased) would you invite to a dinner party and why?

WB Yeats (inspired me to my degree career and abode)

Van Morrison (inspired me generally and to my abode)

Lady Gaga (so she could sing some jazz classics)

Attends Festival of Writing or other WW events?
Frankfurt Book Festival
Follow on Twitter:
Interesting links:
The following list represents the agency's full client list: James Bowen Marcia Butler Mark Carruthers Helen Marie Clarke Gayle Curtis Dr. Liam Farrell David Hare Felicity Heathcote Deric Henderson Lee Henry Sophia Hillan Carsten Krieger Alain le Garsmeur Tony Macaulay George Matteson Darrach McDonald Darragh McIntyre Brian McNeice Danny Morrison Maria-Christina Necula Padraig O'Morain Duncan Pow Anthony J. Quinn Tanya Ravenswater Rebecca Reid John Richardson Lesley Richardson Joanna Ross Pippa Shaper Michael Sheehan William Sheehan Edmond Sheehy William "Plum" Smith Ray Strobel Paul Tweed Melanie Verwoerd Tara West
Full client list:
Email address:

Agents of: The Feldstein Agency

Agency details

About the agency:
No data
Address for submissions:
The Feldstein Agency 54 Abbey Street Bangor BT20 4JB N. Ireland, U.K.
Office address:
Email address:
Phone number:
+ 44 (0) 2891 472823
Number of agents:
Accepts email submissions:
Submission type:
Standard (Letter + Synopsis + First three chapters)
Further submission info:
Please email a 1-2 page synopsis of your work and a brief biography and we will advise whether we want to see more material. We will respond to all enquiries as quickly as possible. Please note that we are currently only accepting submissions of adult fiction (excluding romance, science fiction and fantasy) and adult non-fiction, so no children's or young adult books please. No poetry or short stories either.
More info on this agency:
The Feldstein Agency, formed in 2007, is a diverse literary agency and publishing consultancy. We offer a range of services to Irish, U.K., U.S. and international book publishers and authors, including the following: Literary Agenting and Scouting Publishing Consulting for industry colleagues and individuals Editorial Services: Commissioning, Script Development, Ghostwriting, Copy Editing and Proofreading Book Packaging and Project Management Our mission is to provide a flexible, reliable service with an exceptional degree of client responsiveness. We combine attention to fine detail with the ability to think laterally and come up with creative solutions. Authors will appreciate our personal approach and our emphasis on quality relationships. Publishers will value our speed of response, our market knowledge and professional know-how, and our commitment to meeting the tightest of deadlines.
Average response time:
0 days
Agency Transparency Index:
Member of the AAA:
Overseas offices:
No data
Accepts overseas writers:
Follow on Twitter:
Latest news:
More about the agency:
No data

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