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Profile Summary

Shelley Power is based in New Haven. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a website and there is no information in the public domain about her clients. However, we do know that in her leisure time, she enjoys reading literary fiction -- some examples being Michael Chabon, TC Boyle, Joyce Carol Oates, Linda Grant, Jeannette Winterson, the Brontes and Angela Carter. The Book Thief is one of her favourite books.

She is interested in representing literary and commercial fiction. Historical fiction (she has a passion for ancient Greece) and architecture will also spark her interest. We believe that she keeps a deliberately small client list and reads all submissions herself.

In general, she is not a fantasy fan so look elsewhere if you're writing the next Lord of the Rings. However, she will also consider memoirs if the author is a well-known public figure with an interesting story.She doesn't represent children's or Young Adult, cookery, spirituality, politics, screenplays, stage plays, or poetry.

Outside of the agency, Shelley is keen on re-enactment and belongs to the Hoplite Association. She is also a fan of yoga and ballet. Shelley has eclectic tastes in music and can be found listening to Baroque Opera and 70s rock and blues.

Shelley describes herself as an agent who fulfils a number of roles for her clients 'editor, business adviser, friend, agony aunt (occasionally) and increasingly, I find myself involved in marketing and publicity'.

Prospective clients are asked to submit the first three chapters of their book and a short 2 page synopsis. In short, we think Shelley would be a good agent for historical and literary fiction and anything fantastical featuring vampires. We are hoping to update this profile with information about Shelley's client list so watch this space!

Detailed data

Shelley Power Literary Agency
Agent since:
Short biography:

Shelley Power lives in New Haven. She has a small client list, and does all her own reading. She is able to offer personal attention.

Client list status:
Open to new clients
Genres this agent is interested in:
Other non-fiction, Memoir and autobiography, History, Women's fiction, Historical fiction, Fantasy, Crime, thriller, action, General Fiction, Literary Fiction
Authors & books liked:

When I read novels for leisure, I enjoy witty, clever, excellent writing. Some of my favourite authors are Michael Chabon, TC Boyle, Joyce Carol Oates, Linda Grant, Jeannette Winterson, Angela Carter; gems like The Book Thief. I like good storytelling with well-drawn and believable characters and fine writing craft. I am personally interested in ancient Greece so read Plato, Herodotus, Xenophon etc, so I do represent historical fiction Another of my interests is architecture so I have several architectural clients. As a teenager I preferred Madame Bovary to Jane Austen, but have always loved the passion of the Brontes.

Other loves & passions:

I am a re-enactor,.ancient Greece, and belong to the Hoplite Association. I have also practiced yoga for many years. I have a passion for the ballet and love music, though my taste is eclectic ranging from Baroque opera through to rock and blues of the 70s.

How to make a submission:
20 Powell Gardens, South Heighton, Newhaven BN90PS Tel: 01273 728 730 (International +44 1273 728 730)) Mobile: 07985 202 881 Never include me in an email sent to every agent in the world! It will only be deleted. I will initially look at the first three chapters as well as a short synopsis of maximum 2 pages. And never send me lists of characters and their descriptions please. Don't send a jacket blurb please.
Other advice and background:

I do not deal with children's or Young Adult writing, cookery, spirituality, politics, screenplays or stage plays, or poetry. I have to qualify my 'yes' to memoir and autobiography by saying that the writer would have to be someone known with an important story to tell. I represent very little fantasy - I am not interested in Tolkien clones!

Attends Festival of Writing or other WW events?
Follow on Twitter:
Does not Tweet
Interesting links:
No client list available in the public domain.
Full client list:
No Data
Email address:

Agents of: Shelley Power Literary Agency

Agency details

No data
About the agency:
Also based in the UK. Founded 1976.
Address for submissions:
No data
Office address:
Shelley Power Shelley Power Literary Agency Ltd 20 Powell Gardens South Heighton Newhaven BN9 0PS
Email address:
Phone number:
+ 44 01273 512 347
Number of agents:
Accepts email submissions:
Submission type:
Standard (Letter + Synopsis + First three chapters)
Further submission info:
No reading fee, but preliminary letter with return postage as from UK or France essential. No submissions by email.
More info on this agency:
No data
Average response time:
8 days
Agency Transparency Index:
Member of the AAA:
Overseas offices:
Accepts overseas writers:
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Latest news:
No data
More about the agency:
Also based in the UK. Founded 1976.

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