Literary Agents for Children's Fiction

Includes agents for childen's picture books


It's easy to find agents who represents children's authors - and even easier to find the ones who are right for you and your work. Here's how you do it:

  1. You go to our agent search page here.
  2. You find the "Select Genre" box on the left.
  3. Choose your exact genre (eg: children's fiction, YA fiction, picture books etc)
  4. Then you'll get a full list of agents with an interest in your genre.
  5. But don't stop there! You can filter by things like agent experience, or use our "Who represents who?" function to find the agent who represents your favourite kids' author. Basically, you need to play with those tools until you get a manageable longlist of names.
  6. Then dive into the profiles of your selected agents to find out exactly which ones resonate with you: those people are going to form your target list.

One teeny-tiny catch. You can get a sense of our site without subscribing, but most of our data and search functionality is available only to subscribers. Subscriptions start from just a few pounds. Find out more info here.

Once you've got your agent shortlist

You should aim to get your work to about 8-12 agents in total. If you get taken on, then fabulous! We're proud to have helped you on your way.

If you don't get taken on, you need to take stock. Did you get some hints that your work was almost there? (ie: did several agents ask to see your full manuscript? Did you get any reluctant-sounding rejection letters?) If so, you might want to knock on a few more doors. If not, you probably need to think about getting some expert feedback on your manuscript, so you can assess what changes need to be made. Our friends at the Writers' Workshop are full of helpful advice for people like you: just pop over and see what they can offer.