Literary agents for science fiction


Holy cow, Batman!

Yes, it's true. Agent Hunter provides:

  • a complete list of every agent in the UK
  • full data on who likes what genre
  • masses of other data too (photo, biographies, likes and dislikes, & much more besides)
  • submission info for every agent & every agency
  • search filters which make it easy to refine your shortlists

The only teeny-tiny catch? Full access to our data and search functionality is only available to subscribers. But since subscriptions are available for just a few pounds, we suggest you crack open your wallet and fish out some Galactic Credit Standard bills now. (Get more info right here right now.)


Agents for SF

Our website lists ALL agents in the UK and specifies the genres they're interested in. We get our information from public sources, but do always check it with agents themselves for accuracy. So, to find your shortlist of agents should be simple enough.

You simply go to our Search pages here. Then look for the Select Genres box. Click that. Choose "Science Fiction". And the list of agents will automatically change to list only those interested in SF submissions.

Further refinement

Simply choosing "Agents who like SF" will give you a list that is too long to be manageable, so you will need to pare it back in some way. You can do that by:

  • figuring out if you would rather be represented by a large agency or a small one
  • looking for agents who are "keen to build client list" rather than "List largely complete"
  • Looking for agents who have been in the business a little less long, so are hungrier to attract new clients
  • other uses of the search filters

But you should also explore the profiles of the agents who come up to see who really is a match for your book and who really isn't. For example, some agents are happy to look at all submissions that come their way, but don't have a real keen interest in SF. Others are particularly keen on the area and would strongly welcome your submissions. (Remember that if data is greyed out when you bring up a profile, that will be because you haven't yet subscribed. Since it costs as little as a few pounds to become a full subscriber on Agent Hunter, you probably want to make that massive investment in your future. Get more info.)

We generally recommend that you aim to build a shortlist of 8-12 carefully targeted agents and send your work to them. If those dozen or so names show no interest in your manuscript, the odds are that the MS isn't yet saleable. If that's the case, then you're best off rewriting the manuscript yourself or getting professional editorial feedback with a view to identifying and fixing any problems.

Are you really writing SF?

 Finally, we do suggest you think hard about whether you are really writing SF. For example:

  • a near-future thriller involving (say) an as-yet-undiscovered virus could well market itself more accurately as a techno-thriller and be suitable for crime & thriller agents and editors
  • an intelligent novel, like David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas, is probably better sold as literary fiction, no matter whether or not it uses SF ideas and techniques.

Using the genres search along with careful use of our agent profile pages means that you'll get the best possible fit for your novel.


The market for SF

The market for sci-fi in the UK remains healthy and is probably as interesting and varied now as it's ever been. The old genres are still there - you can still write classic space opera and find a market - but there's an increasing interest in mash-ups, genre collisions, and any intelligently idea-driven fiction.

What's more, the genre remains very deep. You can certainly argue that the literary novelists, Margaret Atwood and David Mitchell, have written SF novels - and George Orwell and Aldous Huxley are both most famous for their SF masterpieces. People like Iain Banks and China Mieville aren't usually considered literary novelists, but they are (or were) excellent writers who write challenging, thoughtful, bold fiction.

What's more, the stuff sells! Not in the huge volumes that crime, for example, sells, but it's still a healthy, confident market with plenty of international appeal.

Happy agent hunting - and best of intergalactic luck!