Want a list of literary agents seeking new writers?


And thought you'd never find it, right? But worry not. You're in exactly the right place. Now read on ...


The Agent Hunter database and how to use it

Agent Hunter comprises a complete list of all UK literary agents along with a massive amount of data on each one - things like photos, biographies, client lists, genre preferences, likes and dislikes, and vastly more besides.

What's more, our search tools give you the ability to filter those agents by:

a) genre

b) their appetite for new writers (View "client list status")

c) much more - eg: agent experience, size of agency, etc et

If you want, you can, for example, to find "literary agents seeking new writers and who have an interest in women's fiction" - or whatever other search makes sense for you.

So what's the catch? There isn't one, not really. The best parts of our data and search functionality are only available to subscribers - but since subscriptions start at just a few pounds, there's nothing to stop you jumping straight in. Learn more about how to subscribe.

If you prefer to explore first, then head to our seach pages here and start browsing.


How to get the most from the site

We recommend that you:

  • use our main agent search page as the launch pad for almost all your searches
  • select your genre in the "Select genres" box
  • Get up a list of all the agents who operate on your area, then make further selections using the other filters available
  • when you have a manageable longlist, use our agent profile info to compile a shortlist of about 8-12 agents in total

Send your work out to those agents, and cross your fingers. You can see our infographic for more about the sometimes tortuous path to representation, but in essence, your first wave of submissions can have 1 of 3 outcomes:

  • someone takes you on. Congratulations! You're off to the races.
  • You get some requests for the full manuscripts and/or some "nice" rejections. Either way, you might want to try knocking on a few more doors ... or do a bit more work on the manuscript first
  • You just get rejections or hear nothing. In that case, it's likely that your manuscript isn't yet in shape to get taken on by an agent. In which case, it's OK to get help, you know ...