Agent or agency?

On the whole, we recommend that you search for an agent not an agency. If you're sure you want to search for a literary agency, stay on this page - otherwise, go here to search for agents, or here for help on our agent search tools.


Start your search

You will start your search by going to the literary agency search page. To start with, you will simply see an unsorted list of every agency on our database.  But an unsorted list isn't much good to you, so you need to start sorting it. The search tools can be found on the left of your search page. This page tells you how to use those tools.


Refine your search

You can filter agencies using the following search tools:

Total number of literary agents   

Do you want a big firm or a small one? Here's your chance to choose.


Takes email submissions?  

Self-explanatory - amazingly, many agencies still demand hard copy.


AAA member  

Most agencies are members of the Association of Authors' Agents, though there are some perfectly reputable agencies who are not members. If this matters to you, you can set the search to "Yes".


 Need to reset your search?

If you want to reset your search options, just click the friendly red cross. That will set everything (including genre selection) back to the default options.


Want to save a search?

Got a shortlist that you love? Then save the search.