Start your search

You will start your search by going to the literary agents search page. To start with, you will simply see an unsorted list of every literary agent on our database.  Since an unsorted list isn't much good to you, you need to start sorting it. The search tools are found on the left of the agent search page. This page tells you how to use those tools.


Choose your genre

The first step with any Agent Hunter search is to locate agents working in the right genre. To do this simply click the genre button. A form will pop up with all your choices. Click the genre or genres which are appropriate to you. (For example, if you write historical romance, click "Women's fiction" and "Historical fiction".) When you've made your selection, click "Filter using selected genre".


Refine your search

For most genre selections, you will have a list of agents that remains unmanageably long. So refine it further. Your options include:


How long has your agent been in business as an agent? Those who are somewhat newer may be more keen to build their client list.


List Status  

How keen does an agent say they are for new clients? Agent Hunter asks every agent to tell us the status of their client list. The options are: keen to build their list / open to new clients / list is largely full. We use "open to new clients" as the default where agents do not supply an answer.


Number of clients  

You may prefer your agent to have a shorter client list (because you get more attention), or a longer one (agent is more experienced). We draw our data from agents' websites or by direct correspondance with agents. "No data" shows where agents refuse to disclose an answer.


Who represents who  

If you love an author, you can use a keyword search to see if you can locate the agent who represents that author. Do note that not all agents disclose their client lists, so the keyword search won't work where a given client-author relationship is not public.


Likes / hates (keyword)  

If you've written a thriller set in the Italian Alps, try searching on related keywords (Italy, thriller, mountaineering, mountains, Alps, etc) to see if you can locate a thriller addicted mountaineering agent. We get likes / dislikes data direct from agents and from other published sources.


 Meet Agents   Some agents make themselves available to meet writers at conferences like the Writers' Workshop Festival of Writing in York (where you can book one-to-one meetings with agents). If you want to meet agents, you can set this option to "yes" to select only those agents you have a chance of meeting face to face.
Blogs / Twitter  

If an agent blogs or tweets, you can sometimes get a useful idea of who they are and what they want. If you value that kind of data, set these search terms to "Yes" to select only those agents with the relevant online profile.


Choosing by agency

If you want your future agent to work at a certain type of agency, you can also set the kind of agency you want. Filter options include:

Total number of literary agents   

Do you want a big firm or a small one? Here's your chance to choose.


Takes email submissions?  



AAA member  

Most agencies are members of the Association of Authors' Agents, though there are some perfectly reputable agencies who are not members. If this matters to you, you can set the search to "Yes".


Need to reset your search?

If you want to reset your search options, just click the friendly red cross. That will set everything (including genre selection) back to the default options.

Want to save a search?

Got a shortlist that you love? Then save the search.

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