How to search for a publisher

Publisher or agent?

Whether you should be searching for an agent or a publisher depends largely on the kind of material you are writing. If you are writing a novel, you will certainly want to search for a literary agent in the first instance, because most big trade publishers only accept work via literary agents. If you are writing niche or specialist non-fiction, you may well be able to go direct to a publisher. For more info, check our publishing FAQs.


If you decide you need an agent, go here to start your search.


Start your search

You will start your search by going to the publisher search page. To start with, you will simply see an unsorted list of every publisher on our database, with search tools on the left hand side of the page. This page tells you how to use those tools.


Find a publisher

You can find a named publisher by typing their name into the "Find a Publisher" box. Tip: If you're not sure of the publisher's full corporate title, just try typing any keyword - so enter "Allison" for example, to find "Allison and Busby LTD".


Refine your search

Alternatively, you can filter publishers using the following search tools:

Type of publisher

A basic way to sort publishers. The divisions we use are:

   Major House - Large, integrated trade publishers, like Penguin or Random House.

   Indie (fiction & non-fic) - Independent publishers of trade fiction and non-fiction.

   Children's - Self-explanatory.

   Educational - Self-explanatory.

   Business / academic / professional - Includes scientific journals and the like.

   Other specialist - A very diverse category, of mostly smaller presses.


Unagented submissions?  

The larger publishers tend to only take work via literary agents, but most smaller publishers will look at submissions that do not come via agents.


Keyword search

A useful way to search for specialist publishers. So it you have written an illustrated book called The Railways of Yesteryear, try entering "Rail", "Nostalgia", "History" or "Illustrated" as a way to start sorting the list.


Need to reset your search?

If you want to reset your search options, just click the friendly red cross. That will set everything (including genre selection) back to the default options.


Want to save a search?

Got a shortlist that you love? Then save the search.