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 Here's the deal:

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  • We do not usually give refunds: our subscriptions are low cost; we do give some access to search tools prior to your submission so you can check for yourself how they work; and of course our data is by far the most complete anywhere on the web. That said, if you contact us within 7 days of your original subscription and you provide us with a legitimate reason as to why our service did not meet your expectations, we will be happy to consider a refund. We always hate to see an unhappy customer.
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  • We make a real effort to keep the content of Agent Hunter factually correct and up to date ...
  • BUT we're only human! We do rely on external websites, as well individual agents/publishers, for our facts. If those things are wrong, we are likely to pass on the same errors. In addition, although we have a rolling fact-checking programme in place, things will slip through. Sorry!
  • If you do notice any errors, please tell us: we want to correct them.
  • If you notice "no data" messages or similar, those things probably arise because the person or company concerned has not responded to our requests for more info. Agents are not obliged to work with us and not all agents have responded to our requests for information. If you are an agent or publisher and notice there are "no data" messages appearing on entries that relate to you, please get in touch with us and supply us with the relevant info. Again: we want to get this right.
  • Agent Hunter cannot help with queries about your manuscript or your particular agent-hunting dilemmas. That's the bad news. The good news is that our friends and colleagues at The Writers' Workshop can help with every agent-related problem you're ever likely to have. Plus they're so nice, they'll probably come round and cook you supper. You can reach them here.
  • If you get an agent after using Agent Hunter, then you can give us a nice big hug next time you see us. We might give you one too.
  • If there are data outages, or anything similar, we will not refund or extend your subscription, unless the loss of service is so extreme as to render your subscription effectively useless. That said, however, we would be astonished if the system encounters problems of this magnitude. Temporary maintenance issues would be the worst we expect.

General Disclaimer

Please note that we do work full time on our data and we are in regular contact with most of the agencies included in our database. We ask agences to verify the accuracy of the data we have and ask them, addtionally, to fill in questionaires that allow us to enhance and expand the data we present. But we cannot vouch 100% for the accuracy and completeness of the material we hold and we do always strongly encourage writers to check with an agent's own website before making any submission.